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HSF Opens Anse-à-Veau Health Clinic

The Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) has grown into a multi facet organization, providing services to the population of the Nippes region (South of Haiti) in three major categories: Health, Education and Sports.

We are happy to announce that on May 4th, 2019, we officially opened our clinic to serve the Anse-à-Veau area with one general doctor and two nurses. Eighty-seven people showed up for basic medical consultation. We had to close the gate and painfully let many others go without seeing the medical staff. The need is huge. We were really blown away to see older women walking down rocky roads to receive basic care as well as mothers walking and protecting their babies against the grueling sun with a notebook serving as an umbrella. It was “gut crushing”.

For now, service will be provided monthly based on the following calendar date:

    1. Saturday: June 22 2019
    2. Saturday: July 20 2019
    3. Saturday: August 17 2019
    4. Saturday September 21 2019
    5. Saturday October 19 2019
    6. Saturday November 16 2019


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