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Upcoming Project: A New Sports Complex

The Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) was founded with the goal to provide assistance to Haitian athletes and encourage children to practice sports and physical education and participate fully in the development of sports throughout Haiti.

As we started to become familiar with the reality of Haiti, we learned that the sports infrastructure of the country was basically nonexistent.  Out of 4 Million children less than 18 years old only 35, 000 (<1%) are exposed to some level of sports activities. The country has just 30 licensed instructors dedicated to physical education, and most schools have no place for student to participate in sport activities or develop competitive skills.  Thus, we made a decision to first work with established social programs and institutions by boosting their sports activities either through direct assistance and/or by paying monitors to supervise sports programs for the children.  From 2006 through 2011, we have worked with nine groups and provided financial assistance, conducted seminars, delivered sports equipment, clothing, and school supplies.   We also paid academic teachers and student tuition for language classes.

While supporting these programs was important, we always wanted to have a place to call our own.  A place with facilities to establish programs for sports as well as cultural and educative alternatives.  Then came Anse-à-Veau; a town located at 180 kms South of Port-au-Prince.  The town of Anse- à -Veau  offered HSF the opportunity  to establish its headquarters and also build a  center for the children of the region and the athletes of Haiti to practice sports activities, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, and martial arts.   The center will also provide facilities for youth to develop artistic talents, learn English, and learn computer technology. HSF believes that “the future of Haiti belongs to the youth of today”.

On July 5th, 2011, the Mayor of Anse- à -Veau (Mr. Telisme); the Vice governor of the region (Mr. Fritznel Presmy); the activist  of the town, Mr. Yves Cassamajor signed and presented HSF the official deed to 5 acres of land to build the multi-purpose community center.   This initiative was supported by Bishop Dumas; Deputy Solon and the legislative body who came together with the youth of the population to place the first “stone” on the property where the center will reside.

As we are embracing this new initiative, we made a pact with history, a commitment with the youth of Anse-a-Veau and the athletes of Haiti.  This is an ambitious goal, and with your help, we will build this facility and establish a foundation for physical, cultural and educational development. The children of Haiti are waiting for us. The children of Haiti are waiting for you.

Together we can develop future champions, new leaders, engaged citizens and provide opportunities only dreamed of before. We are called to do this for Haiti and I trust that we can count on you!

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